Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hungry Gows ready to devour your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

I’m not entirely sure what a Gow is, I just know it’s hungry (it’s in the title, after all). The press release says they’re “…adorable creatures hell-bent on devouring the cities of Loomville, Mootown and Acecity.” Whether something hell-bent on destroying anything can actually be adorable, I guess we’ll find out across 60 puzzles included in the free game.
Hungry Gows requires you to use well-timed taps to destroy Gows with cascading carnage to clear each level using the least number of moves possible. The various Gow types interact with the environment in their own way, offering multiple solutions and replayability for each level. And if that’s not enough, you can also get your face on a Gow in the game using the Hungry Gows Facemaker feature.
The faces already included below to:

  • Stanly – The sensitive blue Stanly Gows freak out and burst with a single tap.
  • Toughy – The purple Toughy Gows cannot be easily taken out with a tap so you must find a more creative way to smash them.
  • Killer – The grouchy red Killer Gows take out other Gows with their spikes.
  • Sticky – Green Sticky Gows avoid water which has made them grimy, allowing them to stick to nearby objects.
    Hungry Gows
  • The Twins – The yellow Twin Gows believe in strength in numbers so, when you take out one, the rest soon follow.
  • Nanny – The orange Nanny Gows care so much they will form a link with any orphaned Gow that comes close.
  • Balloony – The pink Balloony Gows are filled with strange gases that make them loony and allows them to float up as high as they can when set free.
  • BlackBall – The black BlackBall Gows are mystically stubborn and demand to be the last Gow destroyed.

The game also features twenty-five achievements to unlock, and original music by international sound engineer Lynn Standafer (a.k.a. Enduser).

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