Saturday, March 9, 2013

What new Facebook changes

What new Facebook changes mean for your profile

Facebook's newsfeed is where users can see pictures, get news articles, see status updates. But founder Mark Zuckerberg wants your newsfeed to look more like a newspaper.
So, just like any other online publication, there will be a section for pictures and a section for music and news articles in a different section.
New Facebook Newsfeed
If you just want to see pictures, a photos only feed will show your friends' pictures from Facebook and Instagram. A music feed would show what your friends are listening to, and posts from bands you like, a friends feed shows your friends status updates, and a "following' feed shows news articles, posts from celebrities, sports teams and businesses you subscribe to.
"We've tried different versions of a photos feed in the past, but we've never had a design that was as vibrant and immersive as what you see today," says Chris Struhar, the Tech Lead at Facebook.
Another big change is that, instead of a different look for different devices, the news feed will now look the same no matter what you're viewing it on -- computer or mobile device.
So, why make these changes? Zuckerberg says it was time for an upgrade but it also benefits advertisers on the site. The new design is expected to keep users online longer.
Unhappy with the new look? You can keep the old for a while. This new news feed is optional and anyone who wants to switch has to get on a waiting list.

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