Sunday, April 7, 2013

iPhone 5S to be released in June,Pictures Leaked

Rumors about the iPhone 5S is aplenty but how credible they are will be revealed in June when Apple releases its next iteration of iPhone. 

With the launch of the Galaxy S4 and the associated hype, Apple needs to do something fast and come up with something groundbreaking like the iPhone and iPad which it launched 5 years back. According to rumors the next iPhone 5S is almost ready and into the production stage. According to WSJ, sources close to the Apple Production have said that the device is all set to go for production this quarter.
iPhone 5S Picture Leaked

The iPhone 5S will be in all probability a rehash of the iPhone 5 and will be maintaining the external features of the iPhone 5. Apple will refresh the iPhone in its next iPhone 6 but iPhone 5S will be having some upgrades from its predecessor. The iPhone 6 is expected to be launched in 2014. The launch of the iPhone 5S is not the only event in Apple’s agenda for 2013. Apple is also launching the iPad 5, the iPad Mini and the Budget iPhone for the emerging markets this year.
Apple iPhone 5S Picture Leaked.
iPhone 5S Pictures Leaked

Apple has always clung to its image as a premium device maker. It has never believed in mass production to cater to a wider stratum of the population, something which its arch rival Samsung does. However changing times, a falling value of its share and a glut in its traditional markets has forced the Cupertino Company to think in a different way and break from its mold as a manufacturer of premium devices.

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