Thursday, April 11, 2013

Telenor Pakistan to participate in 3G

SLAMABAD: To cater to the ever-increasing demand of mobile subscribers, Telenor has vowed to participate in the upcoming frequency auction (3G spectrum) in Pakistan and will invest more in the system to make it more efficient.

While talking to selected group of journalists, Telenor Group Executive Vice-President and Head of Digital Services Rolv-Erik Spilling said we believe in providing best services to the customers and deliver services that are relevant. He said when we are moving from basic mobile phone to a smart phone, the relevance of customer increases. Our target is to have investment in frequency, how to build affordable handsets, use of new technology and with relevance services and all it required to continue investment in the system across the globe including Pakistan.

Telenor is forming one global financial service that shows we will invest not only in Pakistan but also in other countries in financial services. People need to get fast financial services and get banking accounts including loans. When we going forward, Spilling said we will have to expand the portfolio so that our customers can easily transfer their money and also use banking account for saving.

He also said Telenor has been operating as communication provider and one of the 150 years’ old company around the globe. The world is changing quite rapidly in communication technologies.

Therefore, he said it is important to take decision to the digital economy and also the Internet economy. So one of doing so is to establish global business unit call digital services, which is currently having and which has the mandate to going to all markets where we are present or not present and to invest in to new services, which is relevant for our business unit and to take new possession in new digital economy.

This unit is focusing on mainly on five areas, it is the consumer internet services which can be like moving pictures, or it can be music or content, the services which can be cross to different networks. The second one can be software services or business client services which is important because the whole industry is moving towards using CD-Rom or software install in the personnel computer, which usually run through network through mobile and also on fixed network with PC.

Thirdly, from machine to machine services and the fourth one is the financial services. The fifth one is may be the largest of internet commerce or e-commerce financial initiates. The idea of Telenor is to establishing this unit is called digital services is to try to build a global infrastructure where combining and connecting all these types of services in the market. He said it is important that when a customer going to talk with Telenor with addition you might buy software services or music services or financial services but it will be connected from global prospective and to be competitive when we build in global way of thinking so that we provide level playing market to our customers in different markets.

In Pakistan we see actually we have communication platform which today more limited market than more mature market but of course we have to invest in it.

He said, “I think it will be very important to be able to deliver right kind of service with the right content to Pakistani customers and the way to it is best through Internet and give more access of Internet to more people”. “For example when we are thinking about Pakistan want to built financial services which is targeted to subscribers and the customers actually what they need, it can may be music local content and we have to secure it.” It can be particular software services for small business, which is more commonly used in Pakistan than other places. We have to secure global agreements with players like people, groups, Microsoft or Google or content with universal content perspective and then we have to supplement with local kind of flavour.

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