Thursday, June 6, 2013

#Apple #iPhone 5S with #Retina+ Display, Dual LED Flash

We combined the hottest iPhone 5S rumors into an iPhone 5S concept to show you what the iPhone 5S will look

like if Apple delivers the long rumored device to users this fall.

The iPhone 5S is expected to arrive Apple’s new iPhone for 2013, with a design that looks very similar to the iPhone 5. Thanks to months of iPhone 5S rumors and leaks we think we have a pretty good idea of what to expect in the new iPhone.

We don’t expect an iPhone 5S at WWDC 2013 in early June, but we do expect to see iOS 7, which will help us fill in more blanks about what the iPhone 5S will be able to do.

We share our iPhone 5S concept video and photos below to offer a look at what the iPhone 5S might look like.On the outside the iPhone 5S may not look much different, but inside we expect a collection of iPhone 5S features and possibly at least one iPhone 5S specific feature in iOS 7.

iPhone 5S Design & Display

We expect the iPhone 5S design to remain similar to the iPhone 5, though small changes could usher in new features that are exclusive to the iPhone 5S. The latest iPhone 5S rumor is that Apple is planning narrower bezels on the iPhone 5S and a higher resolution display. This could end up looking similar to the iPhone 5S concept below. The screen is still 4-inches in size, but we see slightly narrower bezels.

A higher resolution display would offer a higher pixel-per-inch rating and should translate into better looking text and images on the screen. Apple CEO Tim Cook repeatedly claimed that there are too many trade-offs in screen technology now, but this may be Apple posturing until it is ready to offer a higher resolution display later this year.

In terms of the overall look, the iPhone 5S should bring over much of what consumers love about the iPhone 5, including the new metal back. Some rumors suggest Apple will add a few new colors to the mix, but it is far from confirmed.

iPhone 5S Camera
Apple routinely adds a new and better camera sensor and lens to new iPhone models, and the “S” model is typically where we see a bigger jump. The latest rumors suggest Apple is planning a 12MP or 13MP sensor on the rear of the device along with a dual-LED flash.

This new camera sensor and brighter flash could pair up with a new camera app in iOS 7 that offers a dual-shot style feature that uses both cameras at once and brings other new features to the relatively simple iPhone camera app.

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Reader

The oldest continuing iPhone 5S rumor is that the new iPhone will feature a fingerprint reader that secures the iPhone and possibly ties into a mobile payment system. Apple purchased AuthenTec in the middle of 2012 to gain access to security technology. The AuthenTec purchase could allow a fingerprint reader and NFC inside the iPhone 5S.

Some analysts feel that Apple will not be able to pull this off on the iPhone 5S, and that the company will need to hold off for the iPhone 6 in 2014

Analysts expect the iPhone 5S release in September, and Apple promised new products this Fall, which lines up with most expectations.

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