Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Apple TV Gets New Channels

Apple has once again added new channels to their Apple TV. Without needing a software update, Apple TV users can now access the Weather Channel, Smithsonian, Vevo, Disney, and Disney XD. For the Disney stations, you'll need a cable or TV provider to access the content, but The Weather Channel, Smithsonian, and the Weather channel are free for app. In fact, I'm currently watching a Smithsonian episode on crazy flying devices (dear God, these look dangerous).

Before his death, Steve Jobs said he had cracked the TV, and finally found a way to bring the household item into the 21st century. It's looking like Apple's striving to reach that goal, and

updates like this will help users to stop channel flipping, and maybe one day ditch their cable subscription all together. Of course, their biggest hurdle will be getting the content from cable TV providers and studios. Still, wouldn't it be nice to ditch cable and hunting through channels for something to watch?
Source: TechCrunch