Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Details on 2K Drive Emerge

I had been initially very excited for 2K Drive, an upcoming iOS game. Although, I have some new details to share, which may upset some people who have been looking forward to the game. Apparently, it will be an iPad-only game, at least at launch. If you were hoping to play this game on the go, you might be disappeared. Although it's still possible that they'll eventually release a version for the iPhone and iPod.

Now the second piece of bad news: it's going to be a freemium title. Freemium can be done right, but so often developers do a terrible job, making a game that's about nothing more than tricking users to throw more money into the game. Real Racing 3 was a great example of an amazing game ruined by freemium. It was improved after launch, but it's still frustrating for users.

2K Drive could still be an amazing game. You can read my original post on it here. It sounds like it'll be a very involved game, with plenty of ways to play. Hopefully, it's not ruined by the freemium pricing model, but perhaps I'm being overly optimistic.
Source: CultOfMac