Sunday, September 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S5: To Android Or Not To, That Is The Question

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be a very popular handset when it comes out next year. However would it be just as popular if the device was launched without Android? A report has said that maybe the Samsung Galaxy S5 could arrive with Tizen instead of Android.

Tizen is a brand new OS that it an extension of open source Linux. Samsung and Intel among others have been supporting Tizens development, along with some of the key features, which are very much like Android.

It is hoped that Tizen could become the third OS to join iOS and Android. However this would depend on support from the manufacturer. There has been talk going around whether there would be room for another OS and back in July it was said that Samsung delayed the first phone to come out with the new operating system.

This led to questions about their involvement with the OS as after all they do have association with Android. Google did deny many times that Samsung may want to use an alternative OS.

It was said that perhaps Tizen would be used on cheaper Samsung handsets and this does make sense, more so than them turning their backs on Android.

However when talking about the OS for the Samsung Galaxy S5, T3 did say that Samsung had not mentioned Android once at the launch for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The CEO had spoken up about the plans for Tizen to be connected to all of their devices and this included mobile phones. He didn’t actually come right out and say that they would not use Android, but it is looking as if Samsung may want to put some distance between Android.

Its not impossible for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to come out with Tizen installed instead of Android. But it is unlikely. T3 did say that there could be Android and Tizen versions of the handsets.

It is thought that we could see the Samsung Galaxy S5 around March or April of next year. However it could be too early for a Tizen handset.

What do you think? Could Samsung release the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Tizen instead of Android? Would you buy the handset if they did?

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