Monday, January 20, 2014

One Solid Reason iPhone 6 Will Have Giant Screen on Release Date: Apple Wants to Invade China – Reports

Having a massive screen on release date is perhaps the most anticipated feature of the rumoured iPhone 6 and most likely this speculation will come true despite Apple's silence on the matter.

To date, the tech titan appears adamant that its current display screen standard, seen on the 4-inch iPhone 5S, satisfies millions of iPhone users around the world. Such position is not without basis - the 5S has reportedly toppled the Galaxy S4 as the bestselling smartphone in the December 2013 quarter.
This happened as the present iPhone model maintained the 4-inch screen that dates back to the iPhone 5. Somehow, the 5S' incredible performance disproved the assumption that most smartphone users are migrating to bigger screens and looking beyond the iPhone.
The GS4's near 5-inch screen profile is no doubt a blockbuster and so is the Galaxy Note 3's 5.7-inch viewer. The trend seems to gravitate towards huge displays for smartphones if not supersized, which the Note 3 is all about.
But the 5S sold in big heaps. Does this mean that phablets or phones with screaming displays are no match to the iPhone charisma?
This could be true, according to Gotta Be Mobile, but with Apple's attention aggressively turning to China, the company will have to make major adjustments and foremost of which is upsizing the iPhone display model.
"As Apple goes global and consumers across the world experience the benefits of larger screens there is more pressure for an iPhone 6 with a bigger screen," said the same GBM report.
While the iPhone 5s and the models that preceded it were very successful in most market destinations, sticking with the same iPhone build would not work entirely with the unique Chinese market, added the tech site.
China is a lucrative market not only for Apple but also for all mobile device makers. The nation counts hundreds of millions as network service subscribers, which potentially are income targets for tech firms - bringing in millions if not billion in revenues.
And as the phablet fever rages unabated in China, Apple would be hard-pressed to offer larger screen iPhones in the near future. The company's big push in the Asian economic giant will greatly depend on how well it will read the Chinese market.
Right now phablets or oversized smartphones dictate a big chunk of how the mobile device game is being played in China and inevitably, Apple will have to take the plunge, the GBM report implied.
And while Apple CEO Tim Cook remains evasive on the subject of an iOS phablet for 2014, he seems not quite dismissive of modifying the present iPhone model.
In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Cook hinted that Apple is hard work on projects that will bring smiles to millions of Apple fans.
"We have great things we are working on but we want to keep them secret. That way you will be so much happier when you see it," Bloomberg reported the Apple chief as saying.
So in time for the iPhone 6 release date this year, reportedly set between May and Sept 2014, Apple is likely to toss a huge screen as among the device's numerous killer features if only to win over most of the 700 million plus China Mobile customers.
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