Monday, July 7, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S6 / SVI Coming up in January 2015

Samsung came up with their Galaxy S5 smartphone earlier this year and it has been quite successful too. However, rumor has it that the Korean brand, known for manufacturing some of the world’s greatest and most popular smartphone devices, is currently working on the S6.
Detailed reports of this smartphone and its capabilities are yet to be ascertained, even as fans around the globe have made sure that their demands are heard. Some of the most popular demands made by fans include a processor capable of tackling problems quickly and with greater efficiency, better battery life, crispier screen resolution and curved & flexible display.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors

The overall plastic build quality of the S5 should not be carried forward to the Samsung Galaxy S6, while we hope that the use of Graphene or Silicon is considered this time around. Samsung’s battery life has been under the scanner for quite a while too and they need to make some serious upgrades here, in order to retain customers.

While the design idea behind their S5 was simple and clean, the Samsung Galaxy S6 should feature a larger screen, packed with higher resolution. We are expecting a 5.5 inch screen, packed with 441 ppi and 1080 pixel density. These figures however, are not official.
If you are from Canada or USA, you should expect this smartphone to be available at a store near you in January. If you are from China, Pakistan, UK, etc, you should get this device by February at most. Experts believe that this smartphone will be priced around $789, although, we cannot vouch for this figure right now.

Samsung could use the latest 
Android 5.0 L to power this device, if Google makes it officially available.
Source : airherald

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