Saturday, July 27, 2013

iPhone 5S and iPhone Lite Reveal September 6th

We've been hearing that the next iPhone and rumored budget iPhone (iPhone Lite?) for some time, and the rumor has been for a fall reveal for some time now. Apple has another quarter earnings call in October, so it's likely they'll want to get the new iPhones, iPads, and any other new products available to the public before they have to discuss earnings again. Having new iOS devices for sale could really help their profit margins. New products are always a huge boost for Apple, and sell out quickly. Apple has been floating on the growing popularity of the iPhone since last year, as they haven't been releasing new products throughout the year as they usually do.
Apple's been holding off on the big updates for some time, so this fall has to be big and special. And that's exactly what Tim Cook has promised. Now we're hearing about when we could actually see these new products from Apple.

A German blog, iFun is the source of this supposed leak. They claim to have an insider feeding them this information though. Apple's a global company, we can't out rule leaks just because they didn't come out of China or California. Their source has told them that Apple will be releasing two new devices on September 6th.

Unfortunately, both for us and iFun, Jim Dalrympl of the Loop gave this rumor one of his famous "nope"s. I don't know where Dalrympl gets his information, but he's normally surprisingly accurate. If he tells people a rumor is false, it probably is.

Going off Jim's "nope", and the timing of Apple's October conference call, I'm going to say Apple wants to get the iPhone on the shelves by the end of September, early October at the very latest. Because of this, my bet is a reveal on September 20th, and a release on the 27th. It's just a guess, but with Apple's earnings call in October, I'm willing to be they're going to want to deliver some great news to investors, and fantastic sales of new devices would be the best news Apple could give them.

Sources: Cult Of Mac, The Loop, and Apple

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