Friday, July 26, 2013

Apple Issues Charger Advisory in China

After two supposed cases of electrocution in China, both claiming to be from Apple products, Apple decided to look into it.
 They've now issued an advisory against using third party chargers, although no admission of fault. China's famous for fake products that look like the original, so Apple's posted a guide on their Chinese website to help people spot the difference between a fake and a real charger.
This information could help prevent tragedies like this from happening ever again.

I still find this hard to believe. Why would only fake Apple chargers create issues for people, and not any other fake charger? The Chinese press would want you to believe that it's because the metal body of the iPhone conducts electricity.

 While that's true, metal does conduct electricity, Apple's not the only one making metal phones anymore. Also, we'd be hearing more stories about batteries blowing up, as sending that kind of power to any battery would cause it to expand, smoke, or explode.

 They have been unhappy with Apple in the past, and have used bad press to make a big deal for the company. It's the main reason why I question the validity of this story.

These incidents could be 100% true, and of so, it's incredibly tragic. Again, they could be rumors or creations from the press. 

Just to be safe, never, ever use "cheap" USB adapters for any electronic device. And when it comes to purchasing electronics in China, remember, the outlets there are 220 volts, and they're pumping out more than enough amps to stop a human heart.

 You wouldn't buy a car with cheap fake seat belts or airbags, would you? You shouldn't buy unsafe, cheap electronics either. 

Regardless of whether or not this is true, stay away from knockoffs, as we now know they could be potentially dangerous.

 The real deal might be more expensive, but it'll work better and it's not going to electrocute you.

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