Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wow!!! iPhone 5S Pics: Are these the clearest iPhone Lite photos yet?

There have been numerous budget iPhone photos. These photos however are very clear, high resolution photos, and actually have the cut outs for the buttons. These button shapes also match the leaked photo of the buttons and mute switches leaked earlier. They clearly compare the shape and size of the upcoming budget iPhone, which may be called the "iPhone Lite". The internal design lines up with the logic board from the current iPhone 5, which means it may be very similar to the iPhone 5. That means Apple could plan on removing both the iPhone 4S
and iPhone 5 from their lineup, offering only the iPhone 5S and iPhone Lite next year.

It might have a plastic shell, but it looks very nice. Previous leakers have noted that e plastic feels more high end, and less repulsive to hold than even the Samsung Galaxy S4. A budget phone from Apple will have a more high end feel than even Samsung's top of the line phone. Even though it's a rumor, it's probably a safe bet. Apple doesn't do "cheap"

Apple's budget phone won't just able them to expand their marketshare, and compete with less expensive Andrd devices, but also unify their line. It'll feature a retina 4 inch screen and the lightning connector, which means all phones Apple offers will have the same screen resolution and connector. Plus, if these are legitimate leaks, then the budget iPhone is going to look great. If Apple's going to reveal the new phone, they'll probably do so this fall. Is anyone else far more excited than they should be?

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