Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gold iPhone 5S Coming Soon?

There have been a number of rumors swirling around about a gold colored iPhone 5S coming from Apple this fall. For the most part, I, as well as many other blogs, dismissed the rumors. Not only has Apple only ever offered the iPhone in black and white, but they'll also be selling colorful, budget versions of the iPhone 5 this year, in the form of the plastic iPhone 5C. Besides that, no one could imagine a good looking gold iPhone, it just sounds gaudy. But, recent rumors and leaks have made it too hard to ignore, and a "champagne"
color wouldn't look very bad at all.

A gold iPhone would help differentiate the iPhone 5S from the iPhone 5 before it. It would also appeal to a larger group of people. In fact, the color gold is popular in China and India, two countries where Apple may be trying to improve their marketshare in. People may choose the gold iPhone solely to have one that stands out above all other versions, so everyone who sees them with it knows for certain they have the latest and greatest phone, not last year's model.

Gold is apparently a very easy color to anodize (the process used to color aluminum), unlike black. That's why the black iPhone is more of a metallic "slate" color. However, the anodization process for a gold color is apparently very simple, and wouldn't be difficult or expensive for Apple to add to their manufacturing process.

With the colorful rumored iPhone 5C, Apple could be trying to offer more choices to their customers. It's believed that Apple will release a high end iPhone 5S and a consumer level iPhone 5C this year. That alone will give customers a new choice, and the extra color choices yet another. Some have criticized Apple for not allowing their users to have a wide variety of choices of hardware or software in the past. Yet iOS 7 gives users new ways to customize their experience. All that's left is the additional hardware choices, and this fall may provide that.

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