Friday, March 8, 2013

New update to 'Angry Birds' goes free for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

According to a Mar. 7 report in “All App News”, “Angry Birds” has just gotten an update that adds 15 fantastic levels to this game. This is the first time that “Angry Birds” is free since this game hit the App Store.
Once again it's time to take revenge on the greedy pigs that stole the bird's eggs by using logic, skill and the special powers of each bird. If you get stuck, you can call Mighty Eagle (a one-time IAP) for support. What's more, “Angry Birds” has power-ups. You can also unlock secret content.
Besides this update and big price drop to free, Rovio (the developer) has also today released an update to “Angry Birds Space”.

New update to 'Angry Birds' goes free for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
In case you haven't heard, this “Angry Birds Space” update has an awesome new version of the “Angry Birds Theme Song” created by the British-American rock guitarist Slash. Slash is the lead guitarist for “Velvet Revolver”.
“Angry Birds Space” isn't free, it's 99 cents. In this outer space version, the birds must defend themselves against the evil pigs in a strange new galaxy where there are all kinds of strange goings-on, from lightening destruction to slow-motion puzzles.

Both games are compatible with iPad, iPhone 3GS+ and iPod touch 3rd generation+ . If your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch crashes after installing either of these updates, turn it off and then restart it. If it still is giving you problems, contact

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