Tuesday, June 18, 2013

iOS 7: Hidden Settings Indicate Smart Swipes and Folder Options

Apple iOS for 7 looked at extra swipe gestures to control you. IDevice This shows a few hidden iOS 7 settings, discovered

in the beta by Hamza Sood. The options are not default in the settings screen, but were Sood in a way not described further brought out. With a few other hidden options would also be possible to configure your folders.

From the folder settings, it is possible to put folders in folders or to close with a quick pinch folders. A second option allows you to change the speed and angle of the animation when opening an app but animation options are so technical that we suspect that they are intended for testers at Apple.

The sweeping movements described in the settings screen would make it possible to do with a swipe from the side or corner of the screen something. Your iPhone screen hold could also have an effect.

It is still unclear whether the functions are made, or that Apple no longer intends to offer these settings. Available in a later beta version of iOS 7 Chances are that Apple has hidden functions because they are not yet stable enough to offer to developers in the first beta, but Apple may also have hidden them because they have nothing to do with it and there was no time to get them securely from remove. 7 iOS

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