Thursday, August 29, 2013

Apple Inc.'s 'cheap' iPhone 5C may banish Siri, go plastic, but lure with colour

Apple Inc. to incentivise the iPhone experience for all - spendthrifts and budget-minded - with iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C. Image credit: Moumantai and ASCII Plus

Moving with the times, and keeping emerging markets like India in mind, Apple Inc. will be unveiling a low-cost smartphone called iPhone 5C in early September with a plastic case in rainbow colors, which the company has traditionally reserved for iPods. The intention of company is to make iPhone 5C a fun looking alternative to its upcoming (full price) new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S.

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Price vs Durability

The lower price tag means Apple Inc. is putting less into iPhone 5C financially. That starts with a plastic body in place of the more durable gorilla glass found on the iPhone 5. And that may be a problem in terms of durability. Apple Inc. is likely to start shipping the 5C to India in a few months, probably year-end.The budget iPhone 5C is believed to be priced between $400 to $500, approximately between Rs 24,000 and Rs 30,000.

The specific plastic used on the Apple Inc.\'s color variant iPhone 5C will have to be tested before judgment can be passed, but the plastic used on some competing phones like the Samsung Electronic\'s Galaxy has proven pitifully inept in drop tests. One sample of plastic supposedly from the iPhone 5C has turned out to perform better than any competing plastic phones in informal drop tests, but the legitimacy of the supposed plastic has yet to be confirmed.

Have to part with...!

Analysts are suggesting a sensational drop. If rumours (credible ones!) are to be believed, the low-cost iPhone will drop Siri - it lets you use your voice to send messages, make calls, set reminders, and more. Siri, once much-lambasted, but which went on to acquire a much-loved presence in the lives of iPhone users, costs Apple Inc. money, lots of it, as requests and commands are all routed through a data center. By omitting Siri on the iPhone 5C, Apple keeps its cost down, the benefits of which will then be passed on to consumers in the form of a cheaper phone. Regrettable? Sure, but then nothing comes free, especially an iPhone experience which Apple Inc. is now willing to offer to those who want the iconic phone, but don\'t want to pay a \'bomb\' for it.