Monday, September 2, 2013

Apple's new iPhone leaked official website named

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Apple's new iPhone leaked official website named

  Broke the Great God evleaks found on Apple's official website even accidentally Hungary emerged iPhone 5S phone shell, which is the official website for the first time on the iPhone 5S name eluded capture.

  But this mobile phone accessories Kate Spade content Shortly thereafter update, modify to only fit iPhone 5. But the links remain clues can still find "kate-new-york-tok-iphone-5s" word.

  Coincidentally, Apple Canada's official website also appeared in an iPhone 5S 3M Privacy Screen Protector film, its products below describes clearly wrote "The iPhone 5S of 3M Privacy Screen Protector protective film using a 3M Microlouver technology ... for sale price of 29.95, shipping period and 1-2 months ", of course, does not exist naturally so pages long, shortly after the update removes the" 5S "content.
This switched: Sina Technology