Tuesday, January 14, 2014

iPhone 6 Release Date, Features & Specs: French Experts Reveal New Apple Concept Smartphone

A brand new iPhone 6 concept emerged that many would hope it's real and even something that Apple can possibly approve of.

The newest concept design is allegedly made by French experts according to Value Walk. Many concepts have come and go in the past several months due to its being very unlikely to happen. The designer named as Frenchsoft seemingly got their inspiration from the iPad Air that was launched in 2013.

The French iPhone 6 concept design showed a thin design at 6mm with a bigger display at 4.5 inches. It also featured an 8MP camera located on its upper corner with an upgraded version of the iOS 8 because the icons looked like a tweaked version of the iOS 7. Other features in the newest concept also include the fingerprint scanner.

On other news, latest iPhone 6 reports include the possible earlier release date of the device which is possibly by May 2014, IBTimes AU stated. This may be for the potential reason that the iPhone 5s and 5c is not doing well in luring the Android and Windows users to turn their interest to the iPhone OS instead. The Kanta Worldpanel attested that both the recent iPhone smartphone devices may have shown considerable growth since the time it was introduced in September 2013, but its move higher to the ladder of growth seems not enough to win over Android.

However, so far as iPhone 6 rumors are concerned, what's for sure is that Apple will bring better features for their next flagship phone. The News Tribe made a good comparison of the iPhone 5s and the upcoming iPhone 6. As per the latest rumored iPhone 6 features, it is set to have an A8 octa-core processor, the retina + IGZO display, a 4GB RAM and even the tipped iOS 8.
Source : Latinpost

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