Monday, March 11, 2013

Google: How searching most popular website reads like poetry

It’s the website most of the world looks towards when searching the internet and when looking for the answers to those unresolved questions. But it seems that the world’s most popular search engine can also offer its users some profound prose of its own. Type in the first few words of a query and the ever-helpful, ever-present Google will try and pre-empt your search. Technically speaking it’s known as ‘autocomplete’. Just a word or two is all it takes before a host of suggestions are set out before you. Sometimes, those proposals can be seen as being almost poetic. Google was not the first search engine to offer search suggestions, nor it is the only one but being the most popular it has caused many to look at Google’s suggestions more closely. Google autocomplete can provide a sense of what people believe to be important because it’s based on a compilation of users’ previous searches. A number of Websites and blogs have also been created showcasing some of users attempts. The suggestions are all real searches that have been done by other people. Popularity is a factor in what Google shows. For example, if lots of people who start typing in start typing in ‘coupons’ and then go on to type ‘coupons for Walmart,’ that can help make ‘coupons for Walmart’ appear as a suggestion. 
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