The next time you visit Walt Disney World, you’ll likely be greeted with “cast members” equipped with iPod touches. The change is part of a new initiative at the house that Mickey built called “MyMagic+,” according toApple Insider.
Now in the trial stage, the iPod touches are being used to scan passes as visitors enter any one of the Disney theme parks in Orlando, Florida. They replace the turnstiles that once greeted visitors.
New armbands
New armbands
To date, 50 percent of the turnstiles have been removed at Disney parks. As the MyMagic+ plan expands, the company hopes to replace entrance passes with “MagicBands.” These bands will serve as a visitor’s hotel key, park pass, Fastpass card, and more.
Assuming that Disney’s initiative proves successful in Florida, it will likely be expanded to parks elsewhere in the world.
This isn’t the first time that Disney has used iOS technology. The company’s retail stores long ago replaced checkout counters and cash registers with iPod touches. Last year, Walt Disney World started using iPads to assist employees with their FastPass ticketing system.