Thursday, May 16, 2013

iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Release Date Rumours: Smartphone Shoppers Decide on When to Buy New Mobile

iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S release date reports have all been based on rumours and speculations, so far. But these updates are affecting the mindset of smartphone shoppers. Do they wait for the next Apple smartphone, or get the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 (or other handsets)? Then again, a shopper can't just decide on waiting -- there's no telling when they'd be able to actually compare the handsets or read actual reviews.

Apple iPhone 6 will reportedly come with a plastic case. It must be noted that those immediately turned off by the Samsung Galaxy series basically detest its "cheap plastic feel." Despite that, Samsung Galaxy S3 made positive noise about Android phones last year. Some phone shoppers are all about what's running inside, Android fans say.

As for release date, Know reported, "The iPhone 6 popped up in Vodafone's inventory for later in the year, suggesting the iPhone 6 could come sooner than we think."

The iPhone 6 scoop includes about over 30 patents, supposedly promising innovation and iPhone 6 "firsts." New colors, a larger screen and a more powerful camera are expected with the handset. But shoppers should know a respected tech analyst is not expecting an iPhone 6 release this year.

In a Financial Post report, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek was quoted as saying the iPhone 6 release will fall in June 2014.

Apple iPhone 5S release is widely reported to arrive sooner than iPhone 6. There are also reports it will feature some neat technology innovations for an improved user experience. In a translated report, Cult of Mac scooped the Taiwanese site TechNews mentioned the 5S will have a sapphire-covered capacitive home button. This should reportedly help the fingerprint sensor that will be initially exclusive to the 5S
handset. This rumour implies there will be no more physical home button in the next iPhone.

Considering many conflicting rumours, it seems the earliest new iPhone release could happen around late Q3 to early Q4. Should new phone shoppers wait?

When choosing a new handset, shoppers must be able to set aside what they want from what they need. If what they need is a "truly smart" smartphone, there has been a number of impressive phone releases this year. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One (both Android phones) are just two of them. When it comes to basic general features, the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 is expected to be as good as these Android phones.

But user experience varies across overall handset designs. Those who have found a significant difference between the Apple iOS environment and the Android OS, are likely to make a choice based on this alone. Others will make a choice based on physical design or grip-to-device-size compatibility. Shoppers itching to buy a new smartphone -- but can't decide due to unofficial release dates -- should only wait for Apple iPhone releases if they are what some would call, "loyal fans."

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