Sunday, April 21, 2013

Apple Granted Fresh Device Patents: Expect Cooler, Killer Features from iPhone 5S, Budget iPhone and iPhone 6 on Release Dates

Apple has secured last week new patent rights that likely would lead to better device functions and designs for the 2013 release dates of the iPhone 5S, its low-cost edition and even the rumoured iPhone 6.

The highlight of the new Apple inventions point to the industrial designs employed by the tech giant, which according to PatentlyApple, date back to the iPhone profile deployed via the iPhone 3S.

Of particular interest is the iOS folder management, which allows for easy grouping of apps into a specific folder. This function provides more liberty for users to hide applications that were rarely used or emphasise softwares that are almost always on users' radar.

Folder tweaks in the iOS environment get some cool behaviour via the Jiggle Effect. Owners of iPhone intending to transfer one app into another grid or folder can trigger the feature by tapping an icon and holding it for a few seconds

"Once in that jiggle state the user is able to move the app icon at will," Patently Apple said.

While the feature is not exactly new, Apple is expected to further enhance user experience in future iPhone handsets.

In the newly-approved patent for instance, future iPhones will accommodate "a user interface reconfiguration mode whereby the selectable user interface objects jiggle as though they are floating on water," the same report said.

The feature, Apple said, empowers users to completely manipulate the iPhone interface such as creating and repositioning folder icons and removing specific interface objects.

The wholesale patent approval also includes possible enhancements in iPhone wireless and antenna functions, which users could see this year or in future iterations of the iOS smartphones.

The patents were filed more than two years ago so the chance is high that Apple will incorporate the new features with the upcoming iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, which analysts believe will have their respective release dates on September 2013 and June 2014.

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