Monday, July 29, 2013

Packaging for the Budget iPhone Leaked?

A post at Chinese site WeiPhone shows a bin full of what appears to be plastic packaging for the new budget iPhone. It's presumed to be for the budget iPhone because the "C" moniker has never been used for an upgraded phone before. iPhone upgrades between large redesigns have historically gotten an "S" added to the numbered name
. That's why Apple's next phone is expected to be called the iPhone 5S. So, what could the iPhone 5C be?

It's most likely the cheaper version of the iPhone 5, with a plastic casing. It's easy to say the "C" stands for "cheap", as it will be a low cost iPhone, but Apple will most likely state that it stands for "color", as the case will come in many colors. Even so, I don't think naming it the iPhone 5C is the best idea, just be causes it'll be far too easy for critics to say it stands for "cheap".

As for the rumor itself, I'm not very sure of it. The packaging has Apple logos, and the name "iPhone 5C" on it, but nothing else. Usually, Apple packaging has more information on it, including any FCC "fine print". If this was to be printed on the packaging directly, it would be in these photos. However, if it's to be applied later on, as a sticker for example, then maybe these are legitimate.

A plastic package would be an interesting development. Apple usually uses a very nice cardboard box for their products, both durable and high end looking and feeling. It might seem like a tiny detail, but Apple even pays attention to things as small as the packaging their products come in. The plastic could be a nice touch for the first plastic iPhone in some time.
Source: MacRumors

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