Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Did Apple Confirm a Fingerprint Sensor for the New iPhone?

Frequently, betas of new software reveal clues about the next iPhone. The retina display was revealed in a beta, as was the larger screen of the iPhone 5. Now it seems as though Apple has leaked another feature of a new iOS device through the 4th version of the iOS 7 beta, a fingerprint sensor

. According to strings in the beta, the fingerprint sensor will be located underneath the home button, as previously rumored, and will work for left or right handed people. The text references images that would display, instructing users how to use the fingerprint scanner. It seems all a user will have to do is put his or her finger on the home button, and their fingerprint will be scanned. The text doesn't mention sliding your finger in either direction, although that may also be required. It's too early to tell.

This may not fall in line with Apple's patent for putting a fingerprint scanner in the screen, but putting it in the home button works just as well, at least users will be able to feel for it. Look forward to unlocking your phone and entering passwords with your fingerprint this fall.
Source: CultOfMac

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