Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Samsung's "Whatever Proof" Phone is a Lie

The commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active shows it getting dunked, rinsed off, and covered in sand. But it seems as though Samsung doesn't stand behind their claims. The warranty for the phone specifically mentions that it's void if there's water damage. Not only that, but even with all ports sealed, it's only rated to 1 meter, for at most 30 minutes. That means it can only stand up to the pressure of being about 3 feet underwater,

which, if you've been underwater, you'd know that isn't very much water pressure. In fact, the phone can't withstand a direct stream of water, such as putting it under the faucet to rinse it clean, as they do in the commercial.

So, in theory, the phone isn't nearly as durable as it appears in the commercials. But what about real world usage? A number of reviewers who have tried to test the water resistant capabilities have been disappointed.

"Phone was working great but of course the first thing i wanted to do was take an underwater picture. Followed all instructions. within 10 seconds phone had water in it and most of the systems shut down."

There's nothing quite like buying a brand new phone, using it as advertised, and ruining it, is there? Advertising isn't always honest, but in this case, it can only be described as deceptive. I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung will have a lawsuit on their hands over their misleading commercials. But they've grown accustomed to that, haven't they?
Source: VentureBeat

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