Thursday, August 29, 2013

Galaxy S5 release date 2013: roadmap for Samsung

Samsung is quietly prepping the Galaxy S5 even as it continues to promote the Galaxy S4 against a slew of new Android phone competitors. But for those eyeing the S5, its release date can’t come fast enough. Here’s a look at when the Galaxy S5 will arrive, what its specs may look like, what it’ll cost, and how Samsung will approach redesigning its body and styling.

Galaxy S5 release date: the current S4 won’t hit its one year anniversary until the spring of 2014. But initially promising sales have turned into a sputtering nightmare of slowed S4 sales with shareholders and analysts up in arms. If Samsung can turn that around with its new S4 variants like the Active and Mini, the Galaxy S5 will be a 2014 product. But if the S4 keeps trailing off, Samsung could get aggressive by pushing out the Galaxy S5 before the 2013 holidays.

Specs: the S4 is split between an international eight core pro lessor and a stateside quad core. Look for the Galaxy S5 to move to a uniformly octo core lineup. How far Samsung can push forward with processor speeds may depend on advancements in battery technology. But if Samsung wants to add even more space eating built in apps to the Galaxy S5, it’ll have to start the lineup at 32GB to avoid continued backlash about available storage out of the box.

Price: one carrier’s $249 S4 experiment was a failure, so look for the Galaxy S5 to go back to being uniformly $199 with contract in the United States. Of keener interest is whether Google and Samsung can bring the current Google Play Edition non-contract price down from its prohibitive six hundred dollar range.

Galaxy S5 design: two of the biggest knocks on the S4 have been that it’s made of fragile plastic and looks too much like the old S3. Samsung can be expected to change both those things for the Galaxy S5 release date, offering a visibly different looking design and a body which performs better in drop tests.