Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Half of Developers Making iOS7-Only Apps

Craig Hockenberry, a developer at IconFactory (Twitterific) did a survey of developers. Of the 575 developers surveyed, nearly 95% responded that they were updating their apps for iOS 7. That's a large number of developers making an app for an operating system that isn't even out yet. Perhaps what's most surprising though, is that of the developers questioned, 284 said they were making apps that would only be for iOS 7. That's about 49.4%.

On any other mobile platform, this would be suicide for an app. Most Android users are still using a version of the app that is two versions old. However, on iOS, at least 95% of people are using the latest version of iOS. Within the first month of an iOS release, most users have already updated. Going off of this trend, developing apps for a brand new operating system is a safe bet. With the heavy interest in iOS 7 from users, it's very likely that the adoption rate for iOS 7 will be higher than any other iOS release. With iOS 7, public interest was at incredibly high levels, and many average users went so far as becoming registered Apple developers or buying licenses from developers to download the update as a beta. One thing's certain, when iOS 7 is released, there will be plenty of apps optimized for the new look and new features of the OS.
Source: iDownloadBlog

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