Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One Click Android Logins Hacked...

Android is a product of Google, so naturally, it's made to make using Google services easier. In fact, one could speculate that Google's main motivation for creating a mobile operating system was to get more people to use their services. One part of that is one click logins, which allows Android users to quickly log in to their Google accounts with a click (or rather, a tap), after they've set the service up. Hackers have cracked this, relatively easily, and from that, they can gain access to all of a user's
Google accounts.

The attack is shockingly simple. All an app needs is to create a spoof URL that begins with "weblogin". That's it. With that, an app can steal the web login tokens, allowing a hacker to gain access to a user's accounts.

Android users, this is pretty big. In order to use most of the features of Android, you have to log in to various Google services. Remember, Google's other, more profitable business is selling relevant advertisements to businesses by collecting user data. They want Android phone owners using every one of their services. Unfortunately, this means their users can be vulnerable.

If you're an Android user, the best way to protect yourself is to disable one click logins. Yes, logging in to your services will take a bit more time, but you'll be safe. The other option is to simply be extra careful, which Android users should do in general. The safest option is to turn off one click logins, but the truly safest option is to switch to iOS, Windows Phone, or Blackberry.
Source: BGR

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