Friday, August 2, 2013

Leaked Photos of New iPad Case?

There have been plenty of leaks for the budget iPhone, news of the iPhone 5S, and even leaked iOS features leading up to Apple's event this fall. But, what many seem to be forgetting is that the iPad is also expected to receive an update. A while back, there were a few leaks. The iPad was to take a slimmer form factor, with smaller bezels. It was rumored that the new iPad would look like a larger version of the iPad mini. Additional photos, leaked today, make that original rumor more concrete. And it does look good.

If these photos are to be believed, those old rumors are still accurate. The new iPad looks like it's going to be slim and take the great looks of the iPad mini, and supersize them. Expect to see it fully assembled this fall, most likely in September.
Source: BGR

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